Note Taking 101

Hey all! To help you get a great start to the semester, I have made a bulletin that has some note taking tips. Taking notes can be rough in college since so much information happens in a short time. These tips will hopefully keep you organized, and more efficient with your note taking and do better with reviewing information.



What Personality Are You?


Take a look at the newest bulletin board up near the bathroom. It has sixteen personalities on it with a brief description of each one. Take a look at it and figure out which one is you based off your personality traits.

Pizza With Professors


Pizza with the professors was tonight, and it was a great time. We had two great professors join us in the study room to enjoy some free pizza. We had six people from 1 East come down and have a good time. We had a really interesting conversation with the professor and had some good laughs. I am planning on have an end of year cookout or pizza party, so let me know what we want to do.

Pride Week Splatter Painting Event

splatter paint

Last night in the TV room we had a big event for Pride Week. We had a good showing of 1 East residents at the event. First we splatter painted with a bunch of different colors, which was a good time. We then read out loud some facts about the LGBT community and discussed them for a bit. It was a very good event and everyone learned something new.

Murder Mystery Fun!

Last night was Pickard Hall’s big Murder mystery event and it was a great time. Mitch (RA 4E) ¬†was murdered by one of the other RA’s. So all the RA’s were put on trial and questioned. They residents then voted on who they though murder Mitch, unfortunately they thought that I was the killer. It turned out that Bruce (RA on G) was the real murder. Quite a few people from 1 East were in attendance and asked some tough questions, I hope everyone decides to attend the next event in Pickard.

Life Size Games FNC

Last night was was Pickard Hall’s turn to host the Friday Night Club, and it was a great success. Life Size Games were a great time, we had a jumbo volleyball, human hungry hungry hippos, a big parachute, giant jenga, and basketball. We had a great turnout, I even saw a few people for 1 East. It was a good way to get out of the hall and get exercise. I hope to see everyone at the next Friday Night Club.

Student Body Presidential Debate


The Student Body Presidential Debate was tonight at the the student center. It was very informative and really showed the goals of each campaign. They covered a wide variety of issues that are currently affecting our campus and what they would do to try to solve them. I hope you all vote in the upcoming event!