Brace Yourself…

Cold and flu season is coming. That’s why I made a bulletin with some tips I have learned of what to do when sick! It is unfortunately a time that affects most of us, but hopefully you can learn something new that will help you fight sickness and prevent spreading it too much. Stay healthy!


Stats of the Rainbow!

Hey all! There is a new bulletin up! It contains statistics of the LGBTQ+ community, thus Stats of the Rainbow, get it? There is many statistics about what people in the LGBTQ+ plus community go through. If you tell me something new you learned from this bulletin and your thoughts on it, I’ll give you a small packet of Skittles, since the title is based off Skittles catch phrase. I hope you learn something new that you didn’t know!

United We Stand Lecture: Peterson Farm Bros

On Sunday, UWP hosted the Peterson Farm Bros for the United We Stand Lecture. Only one of them showed, who is named Greg, while the other two were busy working. These farm bros have a YouTube channel where they put vlog videos and their famous music parody videos. The biggest take away we had from the lecture was how they educate about farm life through music. Through their music, they promote diversity of agriculture, which isn’t a common one, and help show it’s importance through YouTube. Their website can be found here: and their YouTube channel can be found here: Check them out! They have some pretty catchy and entertaining song parodies!

The (many) Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

Hello again 1 East! I think by now everyone knows who I am so I put up a new bulletin next to my room. It’s about the health benefits of taking a cold shower and even a little information on taking a hot and cold shower. There are more benefits than I originally imagined. Check it out! You’d be surprised how a cold shower can help you. 

Ice Cream Door Decs

If you haven’t noticed already, there are some ice cream door decs on your door! Even though the heat has passed, I personally believe you can enjoy ice cream at any time of the year. Enjoy! 

(Pop)corny jokes!

Hello 1 East! Since it is around the time of the first set of exams, I have put bags of popcorn in your guys mailboxes with some corny jokes on them! (Get it?!?) That way you have a snack, and a sensible chuckle/terrible joke to help lift your spirits a bit with this tough time. Good luck everyone!

Career Fair!

Today, I was going to the career fair, and was able to take Kaleb, Brock, and our honorary member Ashley with me to the career fair. While there I also saw Joseph, Will, and Trent. The career fair is a great chance to go and see what is out there and what might interest you in future employment. As Brock even said, it doesn’t take much work to go. I would highly recommend to go as it will open up your eyes for what is out there. At the very least, look around and talk to some people. The career fair will go on for a few more days, and you can find more information online under career fair on the UWP website. It is in Velzy Commons in Ullsvik hall. And goes from 2 to 6 p.m. I would recommend to go look! You never know what you will find!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 “Take 2”

Last Thursday, I held a program to show Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to help “make up” for the cancelled movie from welcome weekend. I talked about how Peter Quill aka Star Lord, goes on an adventure where he learns a lot more about himself and where he comes from, and rather unexpectedly too. I talk how it is a deeper movie than the first since he is going through more discovery, but still a good movie. Life at times will throw unexpected events at you but you may just learn something else about yourself. Nate, Bobby, Brock, Ashley, Emily, and I were there, and we had a good time watching the movie! Plus there was some good popcorn as well.

Video Game Night

Last Wednesday, Tyler, RA of 1 West and I were going to play some video games. Both Bobby and Austin joined in for a night of call of duty blops 2 zombies. Connor and Luke, RA of ground floor, also joined but left soon after. It was a fun time though! I enjoy playing video games and more so with other people. I may not have a lot of free time lately, but I do enjoy playing video games with other people! I would definitely do it again!

Free Textbooks!

Around campus, in most major academic buildings, there are tables set up that have free textbooks! Three of these locations include: Ottensman basement, the lower floor lobby of Boebel, and by the music rooms in the Northeast part of Doudna. Most of the books at each location are subjects that “fit” what subjects the building usually has taught there. Check them out, it’s a great way to find a textbook of something that you studying, or interested in. They are in limited supply, so check them out soon! I have included three pictures of the three places that I mentioned in the respective order.

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