Free Textbooks!

Around campus, in most major academic buildings, there are tables set up that have free textbooks! Three of these locations include: Ottensman basement, the lower floor lobby of Boebel, and by the music rooms in the Northeast part of Doudna. Most of the books at each location are subjects that “fit” what subjects the building usually has taught there. Check them out, it’s a great way to find a textbook of something that you studying, or interested in. They are in limited supply, so check them out soon! I have included three pictures of the three places that I mentioned in the respective order.


Giant Volleyball

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to play giant volleyball (while it lasted). It ended up being too windy to relay play with it because it became one sided. But we ended up making teams to play volleyball together. Both Austin and Bobby (Robert) were outside with me playing volleyball at that time. It was a fun time and a great chance to meet new people, while enjoying the sport of volleyball!

Starting of the Semester Right!

Hello all! Last night I put up a bulletin with tips on how to start off, and continue, the semester right! Check it out, there are a lot of tips that hopefully will help you with your studies!


I had a resident who had a question about how to do laundry. With traditional halls, laundry is done using your passport. To start, you will need passport funds. To add them, go to: and click on e-accounts login. You can also download the map and make payments through the app. You will see on the left is your balance for dining and passport funds. You will want to click on the blue hyperlink that says Add Funds+ for passport and follow the instructions. It will ask for an amount you want to add.  And from there, go to credit card, debit cards also work, and add your card information. The CVV code is on the back of the card. Next, when you add billing information, use the billing address, which is usually your home address. From there it’ll ask for confirmation and then once you continue, it’ll say the payment is successful or has failed. If it has failed, check your card information, or call your bank to see if they are blocking the payment. I hope this helps! There will be a program on Thursday night (September 7th) about how to do laundry for those who are new to it.

College Technology

Brent and I were able to put on a program helping show how to use Outlook and D2L, which are two campus technologies that students at UWP find themselves using often. Kaleb, Brock, and Brock’s friend Ashley were able to attend. Brent and I taught some of the basics of Outlook and D2L including: how to set up to have emails sent to a folder, how to access your OneDrive, how to add your schedule to your Outlook calendar, how the basics of D2L are, where to find things on there, and more. If any of you have questions, please feel free to come ask! I am more than willing to help!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & Pizza Palooza 

Last night, Campus Programming & Relations (CPR) had their annual movie and Pizza Palooza at the west lawn. Before going, I went around and asked if anyone wanted to go with the large group, and had minor conversation about the movie with those who were going. I was also able to walk with Austin and Robert to the event, and talked to them about the movie as well as some other random things. Unfortunately, the movie got cancelled due to windy conditions. I went around and talked to most residents who had gone to the movie to let them know that I am likely going to get the movie myself. In which, I’d make a program to show the movie to “make up” for that night, to allow those to see that movie that wanted to. 

Grill & Chill!

Yesterday, the Circle residence halls had their in-hall programming. The grill and chill was a great time and great chance to meet people from the circle, participate in some activities, and eat some food. I had the chance to talk to some residents such as Connor about how there were doing as well as meeting new people. Opportunities like this are great to meet people and make new friends! There will be more opportunities in the future to meet new people like this!

Glow Campus

Last night, Glow campus was making it’s appearance at UWP. Before hand, I came and knocked on all the residents doors, to let them know about Glow Campus as well as the ball drop. I was happy to see that some of them were able to come and enjoy the party like I did. There were a lot of lights and the music flowed real well. There was also a chance to get face paint that lit up with blacklights, and there was someone painting a Pioneer Pete as well! I’d say it was easily worth going to!


Yesterday, a number of residents went to bridgefest for all that was happening today. There was one resident who I spent some time with as we went around and was apart of some of the activities at bridgefest, such as the football toss, which takes a certain amount of skill (or luck) to throw the football through the hole. It was a great chance to spend some time with him and get to know him better!

IT Support… From the RA

A number of you have come to me about how to connect a device to the internet. I showed where to go and what to do but I wouldn’t be surprised if more of you do need to as well. Connecting to the internet is nice, since it is common in our culture.. If any of you need to connect your device to the internet but can’t do it on that device, you can go to: and follow the directions for your device. But you also may have other problems with internet or your device in the future. If you need more information, you can go to: The help desk page also has a variety of other services that you can utilize, so have a look! If you want to contact them, you can email them at:

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