Hall Council Fun


We got a root beer keg and played root beer pong at hall council last week. It was a lot of fun hanging out with residents and playing games. There were a lot of people down there and most of the root beer was drank which is surprising with how much we had gotten. It was fun talking to people down there and just hanging out with other people from other wings which doesn’t happen too often.


Duncan Diner

After the chancellor visited Pickard Sam and I went over Duncan Diner. There we ate some food and talked about how the week had been going so far. The food they were serving there was pretty good. You would get a hot dog, a milkshake and a bag of chips for one dollar. We hung out with a bunch of other people from other wings.We got to talk to a bunch of different people and had a great time.

Luau Time

img_06061The Luau on Thursday was a blast with some residents. There was limbo and a bunch of other games and some great food around for everybody enjoy. I really happy to see Ryan there as well as some other residents. We all had a great time there and got to play a lot of fun games and meeting a lot of great people.

Respect is Great for Everything

Everything should get some form of respect. This bulletin board is here to show what you see around campus and what you can do to show respect to others. I hope that with this bulletin board up we can start living to together and cooperate together quickly. Anybody is welcome to come and write on the bottom part of the board to share what they see around campus. It is a great way for others to see what is happening and the simple tasks they can do to be respectful to others.


Fibbage in the TV Room

I was happy to see a few residents go join the Fibbage games down in the TV Room. It was a good time, where you could let lose a little stress with a fun game. I hope next time an event like this is put on many of you decided to go, meet some new people, and have a ton of fun.