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As a staff we all went and a a motivational speaker over in Velzy Commons. Our speaker was Monti Washingotn. It was a great time where we were able to learn a lot about each other and the speaker. We were able to set goals about what we wanted to do in the future. This helped us figure out more into what we want as we grow older.

What Personality Are You?


Take a look at the newest bulletin board up near the bathroom. It has sixteen personalities on it with a brief description of each one. Take a look at it and figure out which one is you based off your personality traits.

Being a great follower bulletin board


A new board is up talking about the best ways to be a follower. It is important to be a leader, but a leader is nothing with out their followers or team. It is important to pose these skills because when you do become a leader you people be good followers. Check it out, it has some great ways to improve yourself.

What makes you Unique?


Check out the board next to the bathroom, write in what makes you unique from everyone else! Everyone has something about themselves that make them completely different and special when compared anybody else. You may have done something no one else has done or you are interested in something that few people know about. Lets us get to know you better!



A new bulletin board about leadership is up with helpful tips to become a better leader.

Interpersonal Skills


There is a new bulletin board up with ways to improve your interpersonal skills. Check out these helpful tips!

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