Swing Dance Wing Event!

Last Tuesday I held a time where I wanted to take some residents to Swing Dance Club to help show them a club that I find very enjoyable myself. Although some were not able to make it, Sean was able to! We had a good time and he learned lots of new things! At the end of the night when we talking about it, he said that Swing Dance Club has a new member. Although somethings out there may not seem too interesting to start, it is worth to try new things for you might find that you enjoy it!



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 “Take 2”

Last Thursday, I held a program to show Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to help “make up” for the cancelled movie from welcome weekend. I talked about how Peter Quill aka Star Lord, goes on an adventure where he learns a lot more about himself and where he comes from, and rather unexpectedly too. I talk how it is a deeper movie than the first since he is going through more discovery, but still a good movie. Life at times will throw unexpected events at you but you may just learn something else about yourself. Nate, Bobby, Brock, Ashley, Emily, and I were there, and we had a good time watching the movie! Plus there was some good popcorn as well.


Last night, playfair happened. Basically one of the largest ice breakers I have ever been apart of. I was able to walk some residents to play fair as well as talk to them before it happened. I encouraged them to go out and get involved. It’s a great way to meet some people in this new chapter of life. I still will encourage everyone to go out and get involved and meet people. My biggest regret was not going out, getting involved and meeting new people. I learned some new things about myself. I learned that I really enjoy swing dancing. It may be hard, but I ask that you try something new. College is a new chapter and a chance to explore. You may find that you really enjoy what new thing you try, and find out something new about yourself. 


As a staff we all went and a a motivational speaker over in Velzy Commons. Our speaker was Monti Washingotn. It was a great time where we were able to learn a lot about each other and the speaker. We were able to set goals about what we wanted to do in the future. This helped us figure out more into what we want as we grow older.

Being a great follower bulletin board


A new board is up talking about the best ways to be a follower. It is important to be a leader, but a leader is nothing with out their followers or team. It is important to pose these skills because when you do become a leader you people be good followers. Check it out, it has some great ways to improve yourself.

What makes you Unique?


Check out the board next to the bathroom, write in what makes you unique from everyone else! Everyone has something about themselves that make them completely different and special when compared anybody else. You may have done something no one else has done or you are interested in something that few people know about. Lets us get to know you better!