Classy Door Decs

Hello gentlemen of 1 East! We have some new classy door decs in our wing. These new door decs are suits with bow ties on them. I figured it is a nice new addition to help show our classy and more gentleman like side of our wing. Though we all have different levels of “classy.” It is nice to dress up all formal like. For most people, dressing up helps build some confidence which is a good feeling to have. Unfortunately, being a gentleman is a less common thing we see nowadays in society, but it still lives on! I am happy to see so many gentleman on this wing. I hope you enjoy the new door decs!



United We Stand: Lamarr Womble

On Feburary 11th, there was a United We Stand Lecture that featured Lamarr Womble, who was a dream director and motivational speaker. Usually the topics covered are about diversity but this one was more about following your passions and what you really want to do. He encouraged us not to let ourselves talk ourselves out of our passions or what we want to do. There was one person there who said he wanted to become a blood splatter analyst. But he said he didn’t become one because he wasn’t good at physics, which Lamarr praised him for that because he made an informed decision, instead of just talking himself out of him. Lamarr has also done a TEDx talk as well. During the talk he also had us write down three things that we got from the presentation. Those items I got: You can choose what you want to do, a degree doesn’t have passion (meaning your passion isn’t enclosed in a degree, but you can still have it in you), and to use your skills to do what you want to do. He was great and you can find more information at: Passion For Leadership. 0211182054a_HDR.jpg

Snowflake Door Decs

Hello 1 East! The opening door decs for this semester were some snowflakes! With snowflakes, at a glance each one seems to be the same but when you get take a closer look, each and every snowflakes is different. The same could be said about people. Each and every snowflake has its “things” that makes every snowflake different and unique in its own way. It is important to remember that each of us is our own person and we should embrace that. We were all made to be different, so be you. You’ll find each snowflake door dec to be different just like each and every one of us. Remember, each one of us is our own person, so embrace who you are for you. Enjoy the door decs!0121181810.jpg

A Toast to the New Year

With the New Year, usually comes a time that people want to make some changes with themselves since it is a new year and a good chance to make that change. Some New Year’s resolutions include: lose weight, save money, improve on self-care, and etc. The biggest problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that people struggle to keep on them. I have included some of the most common New Year’s resolutions to give you some ideas if you need any, as well as some tips to help you stay on top of any New Year’s resolutions that you may have.


Would You Rather…?

Would you rather is a question based game where you are presented two answers and must pick which one you would prefer. I have taken that and made it into a bulletin board! You can go on up, and see what prompts are provided. I will replace them as needed or every once in a while. Some of the choices are rather easy picks, but some of them make you think of what you really would like of the two. This can lead to some pretty deep thought of what you would like. This can reveal what you really like or want. Take a moment or two to come by, look at the prompts, and maybe have a bit of a tough decision or two. Enjoy!


Swing Dance Wing Event!

Last Tuesday I held a time where I wanted to take some residents to Swing Dance Club to help show them a club that I find very enjoyable myself. Although some were not able to make it, Sean was able to! We had a good time and he learned lots of new things! At the end of the night when we talking about it, he said that Swing Dance Club has a new member. Although somethings out there may not seem too interesting to start, it is worth to try new things for you might find that you enjoy it!


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 “Take 2”

Last Thursday, I held a program to show Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to help “make up” for the cancelled movie from welcome weekend. I talked about how Peter Quill aka Star Lord, goes on an adventure where he learns a lot more about himself and where he comes from, and rather unexpectedly too. I talk how it is a deeper movie than the first since he is going through more discovery, but still a good movie. Life at times will throw unexpected events at you but you may just learn something else about yourself. Nate, Bobby, Brock, Ashley, Emily, and I were there, and we had a good time watching the movie! Plus there was some good popcorn as well.