Pizza with the Profs!

We had our final Pizza with the Profs this last Wednesday. We had: Andrew Cartmill (Agriculture), Elizabeth Gates (Psychology), and Austin Polebitski (Civil and Env. Eng.). We had a great chance to eat some pizza and to talk to them all and get to know them in there academia/professional area but as well as in a more personal sense. Kaleb from the wing showed up as well! I was glad to be able to finish with another successful Pizza with the Profs!0425181810a.jpg


Pizza With the Profs!

Hello all! On March 14th, aka Pi Day, we had another great edition of Pizza with the Profs! We had Daniel O’Brien of the Art Department. Unfortunately our other guest wasn’t able to join us. He talked about how he went to Chicago to study art, how he is a very visual person, and how he enjoys his more simple life. After hearing more about his life and how he lived, it had me appreciate the more simple things in life. Such as how he didn’t have a TV of any kind, that he found entertainment in his art, playing guitar, as well as just being a visual person, such as enjoying baseball games by listening on the radio. WE had residents: Bobby, Austin, Ian, and Kaleb (not pictured) show up to enjoy some za as well as get to know a professor at a more personal level. I hope to see more of you at our next Pizza with the Professors!


Pizza With the Profs!

This last Tuesday we had two professor’s join us for our last Pizza with the Profs of the semester. Those professors were: Lynette Dornak from the Geography Department, and Gene Tesdahl (the bow tie guy) from the History Department. Sean and Nick K came down to hear what the professors had to say as well as ask any questions that they may have. Pizza with the Profs is a nice time since it is nice to be able to get to know a professor outside of the classroom. I linked each professor’s page as a hyperlink of their name. Check them out if you have a chance!


Pizza With Professors


Pizza with the professors was tonight, and it was a great time. We had two great professors join us in the study room to enjoy some free pizza. We had six people from 1 East come down and have a good time. We had a really interesting conversation with the professor and had some good laughs. I am planning on have an end of year cookout or pizza party, so let me know what we want to do.