Campus Recycling Guide

Hello all! There is a new bulletin that is in a different location than other bulletin boards. This one is on the door of the recycling room, which is near the bathroom door. The bulletin is a guide about what you can and can’t recycle on campus. The information covers the usual stuff: paper, cardboard, glass, etc. There is some other information such as why you should recycle, and behind the three R’s. Hopefully this information will be helpful in clearing up some of the gray area that isn’t very clear in recycling. 0310181445.jpg


Energy Tips!

There is a new board on the wing about saving that energy. With winter, we use a lot of energy beecause the days are shorter and it’s cold so we spend more time inside. You’ll find some good tips which even some of them I didn’t know before this. Check it on out and learn how you can save some of that energy.

Geothermal Energy


A new bulletin board is up, it has a lot of great information about geothermal energy. Geothermal energy harnesses the heat for the earth and uses it to run turbines that create electricity, heat homes, and water. It is very environmentally friendly emitting very little green house gases.