Dogs Because Doggos

This is probably my favorite board for the year. This is bulletin is filled with pictures of the best creature in the world, dogs. Dogs bring happiness to a number of people around the world with them being goofy, cute, and all around just amazing. For those who like cats, I threw a bone for you and included a corner that has a few pictures of cats. I hope you get some smiles from this board. Because sometimes people suck and life is hard, so take a moment and look at some dogs. If you show me which picture(s) is/are your favorite, I will reward you with a piece of candy. I hope you enjoy!



COD Black Ops II Tourney

Last Wednesday, the RA of 1 West, Tyler, and I hosted a COD Black Ops II Tourney that brought in a good number of people from the hall. This was a fun chance to get away from the stress of life and have some fun with others in the hall. Nick, from 4 West ended up winning the whole tournament but we did have some members from our wing: such as Brock and Trip, who could made it far and possibly even won it all. Other people we had included: Jason, Sean, and Chuyee. Later into the event, Austin and Ian showed up to play some after the tourney was done. Towards the end we started cracking more jokes and also messed with each other how friends would to have a fun time. It was a good time! I hope to game with some more of you in the future!


Escape from Valentine’s Day

The Escape from Valentine’s Day was a good time to get away from all the Valentine’s Day stuff that some of us did not want to be apart of. The movie we watched, which was Kingsman: The Golden Circle, was one that people voted for. We had some ice cream, some good laughs, and overall a good time. Most people who showed up were from 1E, but we had a good number of guests which was nice to have them! We had over 20 people show up as well. I hope this helped some of you have a good time instead of sitting around on Valentine’s Day.


Ice Cream Party

On Saturday there was a get together so people could take a break from studying and eat some ice cream and hang out in the basement. It was an awesome get together and a decent amount of people showed up and enjoyed the ice cream and toppings available to them. Everybody was able to relax from all of their studying for finals which can be good to do every now and then.


I got to make a board on mental health conditions. I really enjoyed making this board and got to learn a lot as well. The board itself contains information on Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, and Bipolar Disorder. People who have these conditions tend to have problems with their emotions and controlling them. A persons emotions can really influence things that they do so it is important to get help if you feel like you would need it.

Pancakes After Math

Kieth, Sam, and I all got together and made pancakes for the entire hall after the math exam. It was a great time and a lot of people come down and ate some pancakes. We all got to hang out and talk to new people and meet others. Everybody got to relax after a stressful exam and enjoy a good breakfast.