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From Past to Present


I got to put up a bulletin board on some very amazing people. Michael Jordan and other people are up there talking about what they all accomplished so far in their lives. Each person has accomplished some great things in their lives and have impacted their line of work in special ways.


Chancellor Visit

The chancellor came out to Pickard to answer some questions and talk to the residents. It was a blast and he got to answer a bunch of different types of questions. Kieth and Sam went and asked a question or two. I feel like they had a good time there listening to what the chancellor had to say. We got to learn a lot about what the chancellor likes to do in his free time.IMG_0719[1]



I got a board up about Hanukkah with the celebration coming up soon. I thought that with it being a season of many holidays that it would be a good idea to put one up about a holiday that can sometimes not be known about. This way people can go and learn about the history, foods served around the time, and what the celebration usually looks like.


img_06851With a whole lot of different holidays coming up I thought that it would be fitting to put up a bulletin board on Kwanzaa. This holiday is celebrated every year around the same time as Christmas. There is a lot of great information about the holiday on the board.

Pride Week Splatter Painting Event

splatter paint

Last night in the TV room we had a big event for Pride Week. We had a good showing of 1 East residents at the event. First we splatter painted with a bunch of different colors, which was a good time. We then read out loud some facts about the LGBT community and discussed them for a bit. It was a very good event and everyone learned something new.

Diversity in Stem


Check out the bulletin board next to the bathroom. It has interesting information on Diversity in the Stem Fields and how it is important to everyone. With the Stem Fields being primarily white or Asian males, having greater diversity is better for everyone.

Diversity Bulletin Board


Check out the bulletin board near the bathroom it has interesting information about diversity and how it is good for everyone. Take a look and see all the good things it does for the world.

What 1 East is passionate about


During our wing meeting on Thursday night we talked about what we are passionate about and how to be respectful of others passions. Then we all made a hand print and wrote what we were passionate about next to it. Check it out next to the microwave room.

World Religions Bulletin Board


Check out the new bulletin board next to the bathroom! It gives a glimpse into some of the religions around the world.

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