Snow Decorations

I got to create a bunch of awesome door decorations for everybody on the wing. I had two colors of paper I used and every single one is different and unique. It took a bit of time to make all of them but it was a lot of fun.

School Help


This bulletin board is all about where people can go to get help with classes. It gives information about how to use the Writing Center, Tutoring Center, and the Math Learning Center. Also it gives a couple of tips about good study habits to create. It was great to make this so I could further familiarize myself with these utilities that are available for everybody on campus to use.

Drug Abuse


I got a board up about drug abuse. There is a the actual Wisconsin law about marijuana and other drugs. Also some of the problems with using drugs are on here. There are some good points as well as to why you shouldn’t do drugs and how they can be unhealthy for you.

Alcohol Abuse


This bulletin board is all about alcohol abuse and its side effects. There are a bunch of negative side effects with the abuse of alcohol. There is a loss in your social abilities and potential problems with your stomach and liver in the future. With alcohol abuse there are definitely more negative effects with drinking than there are positives.

Pancakes After Math

Kieth, Sam, and I all got together and made pancakes for the entire hall after the math exam. It was a great time and a lot of people come down and ate some pancakes. We all got to hang out and talk to new people and meet others. Everybody got to relax after a stressful exam and enjoy a good breakfast.



I got a board up about Hanukkah with the celebration coming up soon. I thought that with it being a season of many holidays that it would be a good idea to put one up about a holiday that can sometimes not be known about. This way people can go and learn about the history, foods served around the time, and what the celebration usually looks like.


img_06851With a whole lot of different holidays coming up I thought that it would be fitting to put up a bulletin board on Kwanzaa. This holiday is celebrated every year around the same time as Christmas. There is a lot of great information about the holiday on the board.

Recycling Cans

As a wing we are gathering cans together to bring to a recycling center to raise more wing funds. This will help reduce the amount of cans that make it into the regular trash. The plan is to use all of the money that we get to use for a pizza party at the end of the semester.

Halloween Decoration


I made some Nightmare Before Christmas door decorations of Jack Skellington. I figured this works out pretty well with Halloween. They all have the residents names on them and turned out very well.

Homecoming Tug of War

There were a decent amount of people at the tug of war event for homecoming and everybody had a blast. We took 4th place at the event as a hall. Robert showed up to compete and Gavin was there to cheer us on with other people. It was a lot of fun getting active with the tug of war event.

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