Classy Door Decs

Hello gentlemen of 1 East! We have some new classy door decs in our wing. These new door decs are suits with bow ties on them. I figured it is a nice new addition to help show our classy and more gentleman like side of our wing. Though we all have different levels of “classy.” It is nice to dress up all formal like. For most people, dressing up helps build some confidence which is a good feeling to have. Unfortunately, being a gentleman is a less common thing we see nowadays in society, but it still lives on! I am happy to see so many gentleman on this wing. I hope you enjoy the new door decs!



Safe Sex Just Makes Condom Sense

In college, it’s typically a time where people explore more about themselves as well as others… in different ways. I wanted to put up this bulletin for a number of reasons. I wanted to: get some information to you all about the importance of sexual health, how to use a condom, as well as put up some funny condom slogans. With this more, let’s say, touchy topic, it covers some good information and includes handouts of how to use a condom. I hope this information is useful to some of you while it emphasizes the importance of sexual health.


March into Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. With that, I have made a bulletin that highlights some historic Women throughout history. Ranging from ancient times, up till Women who are still iconic in today’s world. Plus history is made every day, so there are still women out there who will make some big accomplishments in the future. Take a chance to look and appreciate some major feats done by wonderful women through out history.


Pizza With the Profs!

Hello all! On March 14th, aka Pi Day, we had another great edition of Pizza with the Profs! We had Daniel O’Brien of the Art Department. Unfortunately our other guest wasn’t able to join us. He talked about how he went to Chicago to study art, how he is a very visual person, and how he enjoys his more simple life. After hearing more about his life and how he lived, it had me appreciate the more simple things in life. Such as how he didn’t have a TV of any kind, that he found entertainment in his art, playing guitar, as well as just being a visual person, such as enjoying baseball games by listening on the radio. WE had residents: Bobby, Austin, Ian, and Kaleb (not pictured) show up to enjoy some za as well as get to know a professor at a more personal level. I hope to see more of you at our next Pizza with the Professors!


Circle Olympics: Dodge ball & Basketball

Last night the Circle Olympics ensued with dodge ball and basketball. Multiple people from our wing including: Austin, Cole, Joseph, Will, and Derick were all apart of such. The effort that they and other members displayed help seal a victory for Pickard Hall which eventually led to Pickard Hall winning the Circle Olympics! We had a good time there, had a chance to do something that we wouldn’t normally do.  In the end, we all were respectful of the game and could walk away knowing we had a good time, and could say good game at the end of it all.

Campus Recycling Guide

Hello all! There is a new bulletin that is in a different location than other bulletin boards. This one is on the door of the recycling room, which is near the bathroom door. The bulletin is a guide about what you can and can’t recycle on campus. The information covers the usual stuff: paper, cardboard, glass, etc. There is some other information such as why you should recycle, and behind the three R’s. Hopefully this information will be helpful in clearing up some of the gray area that isn’t very clear in recycling. 0310181445.jpg

Campfire and Marshmallow Door Decs

In case if you haven’t noticed, or figured out what they are yet (it’s okay if you thought they were flowers, a few people have). There are new door decs for our wing! I decided to take a classic thing that many people enjoy and make it into a door dec with a bit more thought of making it 3D. Though the weather for this activity isn’t quite there yet, it’s definitely coming around the corner! I hope you enjoy our new additions to the wing!0303182207.jpg