Halo Tourney!

Last Wednesday, a Halo tourney was held in the TV basement lounge. Originally it started off as a 1st floor event but was opened to the hall. Although 1 East didn’t win, it was still a great time! We had a wonderful opportunity to meet others in the hall, as well as have some fun.


Stats of the Rainbow!

Hey all! There is a new bulletin up! It contains statistics of the LGBTQ+ community, thus Stats of the Rainbow, get it? There is many statistics about what people in the LGBTQ+ plus community go through. If you tell me something new you learned from this bulletin and your thoughts on it, I’ll give you a small packet of Skittles, since the title is based off Skittles catch phrase. I hope you learn something new that you didn’t know!

United We Stand Lecture: Peterson Farm Bros

On Sunday, UWP hosted the Peterson Farm Bros for the United We Stand Lecture. Only one of them showed, who is named Greg, while the other two were busy working. These farm bros have a YouTube channel where they put vlog videos and their famous music parody videos. The biggest take away we had from the lecture was how they educate about farm life through music. Through their music, they promote diversity of agriculture, which isn’t a common one, and help show it’s importance through YouTube. Their website can be found here: https://petersonfarmbrothers.com/ and their YouTube channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/petersonfarmbros. Check them out! They have some pretty catchy and entertaining song parodies!

The (many) Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

Hello again 1 East! I think by now everyone knows who I am so I put up a new bulletin next to my room. It’s about the health benefits of taking a cold shower and even a little information on taking a hot and cold shower. There are more benefits than I originally imagined. Check it out! You’d be surprised how a cold shower can help you.